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I bring an audience- and equity-centric lens to communications and beyond.

I ensure organizations effectively give stakeholders the information they need, at the time they need it, and in ways they understand.

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Things I’ve Been Thinking About

Looking over the shoulder of a photographer as they take a picture of another person who is blurred due to the distance.

Rethinking the photo release

Photo releases exist to protect organizations rather than the people in the photos. That’s why communicators must do more when asking to take photos of clients for publicity purposes. We must ensure they know they can say no, and we must ensure that refusal won’t mean they are blocked from our services/events.

Three people are standing in street and holding handmade signs stating “We are all equal”, “Justice 4 All”, and “I want to be heard.”

MPD PIO John Elder’s unintentional lesson for all communicators

On May 30, 2020, the Minneapolis Police Department issued a press release stating a “suspect” died after experiencing “medical distress” during a “police interaction”. That person was George Floyd, and that press release should make all communicators consider how organization-first thinking can justify only telling our preferred narrative.