Ethical Storytelling Research


For my Strategic Communication MA Capstone, I examined the communications practices of organizations seeking to end sex trafficking as an avenue to discuss the need for ethical/equitable storytelling practices for communications professionals. I conducted 10 semi-structured interviews with communications professionals working in anti-trafficking and related organizations along with 8 additional subject-matter experts. I also reviewed Strategic Communication & Public Relations research and practitioner conversations for discussions of ethics, equity, and power.

In this work, I sought to bridge how communicators can balance their responsibility to create communications that fulfill organizational objects with a deeper responsibility to honor, respect, and consider the best interests of the individual involved. This led me to use the findings of my research to create recommendations of work practices for communicators working with victims of trauma and beyond.


Capstone Research for Strategic Communication MA and Literacy & Rhetorical Studies Minor

Type of Project

Qualitative research, secondary research

Length of Time

4 months (April-July 2020)

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