Ethical Storytelling Research


Capstone Research for Strategic Communication MA and Literacy & Rhetorical Studies Minor


For my Strategic Communication MA Capstone, I examined the communications practices of anti-trafficking organizations as an avenue to discuss the need for ethical/equitable storytelling approaches I conducted 10 semi-structured interviews with communications professionals working in anti-trafficking and related organizations along with 8 additional subject-matter experts. I also reviewed strategic communication/public relations research and practitioner conversations for discussions of ethics, equity, and power.

In this work, I sought to bridge how communicators can balance their responsibility to create communications that fulfill organizational objects with a deeper responsibility to honor, respect, and consider the best interests of the individual(s) involved. I then recommended work practices for communicators working with victims of trauma and beyond.

Type of Project

Qualitative research, secondary research

Length of Time

4 months (April-July 2020)

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